Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pet Lose

Assalamualaikum...and hi everyone.
like happy and smile (^_^). 
Just want to share here... share something fun, interesting, sad story. Sometime share a fun story..and sometime share a sad story. I can said this a sad story... but it can be sad and it can be not a sad story... so confusing..(^_^). Okey.. there  I want to share some picture@my pets photo.

This one... iI found this kitten near Pasar Inanam and I bring back Ranau.
The kitten name is Nam. First time when i found this kitten, these kittens have skin problems and
Nam (kitten name) fur was very thin and pity.

Nam slept time we are on the way to back Ranau...Sleepy beauty

 Nam is very naughty, smart and clever..

i'm really love this kitten... (^_^) after 2 days in Ranau, I take Nam to a veterinary clinic. Nam just relax when injected. and Nam injected medicine to treat skin and fur. And after a week, i see there have a lot change for Nam especially the fur and skin. Nam become more active plays, naughty. Also getting fatter and grow from day to day. I really like that... to see Nam growing.
Now...when i back to Sarawak. my family assume to take care of Nam and other cats in home. hehe.. 
But now...what happen??? my kitten (Nam) have lost@disappear. It make me sad..because i really love the cat. My mom said that Nam may follow other person.. or run or misguided. My family trying to find Nam but until now...Nam still lost. Hopefully I can found my kitten Nam again.
I can know the cat is Nam because....There are five forms of small yellow circle on Nam back. I means at behind of Nam hand. Really miss this cat..that all for today... before forget.. i also lost one of my rabbits.. the rabbit was gone. the rabbit name is Moloun. Why is call ike that??? Because the rabbit have...just see the photo at below ---->>

-------->>>>>> Moloun a fat rabbit..(^_^)

--------->>>really clever rabbit
I still remember that I always bring Moloun at home. I see the rabbit growing...

Okey..that all... will be continue again...thanks for reading and coming in my blog.
Just remember... be Happy and Don't forget to smile..a smile is charity. (^_^) Have a nice day.

♥♥♥Thanks sebab sudi baca entry mumtaz.♥♥♥


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