Saturday, 10 December 2016

How to handle your feeling when someone who dont know to appreciate you

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Assalamualaikum to all blogger.
I have long been silent and didn't update my blog. Isn't it?
Its ok. Today I would like to share for all of u about how to handle our feeling and emotion when someone cant know how  to appreciate u.
This just my suggestion and my way how to handle this problem.

How to handle your feeling when someone who don't know to appreciate you?

  • u must think positively.
  • "Doa"/ Pray is our weapon.
  • Always prayer may we be given the strength to be patient with the attitude of the person.
  • Always pray so that person is aware, open and thought of hir/her mistake.
  • You should not have any hatred towards those people.
  • Feelings of hate must be thrown away and never keep it to yourself.
Its difficult but not wrong if we try out. 
Always... Positive. Throw away negative thought in yourself.

Don't Trust Too Much. People Can't Understand Us, As Much As We Do.

P/s: Be Positive
        Be Happy
        Dont Forget to Smile

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