Monday, 23 September 2013

Nice day

Assalamualaikum for all dear r u today? Hopefully fine...n happy..have a nice day.. actually today for very nice day... why? Becoz I hve a class today n do not bored...happy can meet friends and lecturer... this is the first time we got or lecture with the lecturer... but it was a best class. Do u want to know? Ofcourse yes...and might be hve not want to'nt it.. oriet... there class only hve four students.. only me and three of my friend.. it was fun we can share any opinion about all that hve relates with the subject it was interesting subject. Lecturer always will ask quest to me n friends.. so anyone can't run from the quest that asked by lecturer...and what the best is... hve a chance to gve any suggestion althought even does'nt know...I means not properly speak in english.. (^_^)... happy day for not in pressure but enjoy n fun...the importnt is got learn something new,.. n practice it in dialy life... all we learn today is about people...they behaviour...need..n want. And always have quest which is why, what, how n when...learn about CB...Oriet that all.. hve a nice day...
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

HANYA AKU ost Drama Teduhan Kasih

Click here -->Lirik Lagu Hanya Aku - Hyper Act 

Bersama janji kau sentuh rasa percaya
Hangat dinginmu mengundang rindu kecewa
Hanya aku dihuni sepi rasa kasihmu

[*] Hanya ku yang mencari
Rembulan masih ada
Mungkin seketika
Walau ku bahagia mengejar bayanganmu
Tak mungkin ku beroleh saat indah bersamamu
Hanya aku

Apakah mungkin berulang janji setia
Apa kan kekal ataupun menyambut duka
Dan dirimu di janji Sang Sempurna
Dan kecewa kini dipulih rasa kasihmu

Repeat [*]

Dihuni rasa rindu
Hanya ku yang mencari
Rembulan masih ada
Mungkin seketika
Walau ku bahagia mengejar bayanganmu
Tak mungkin ku beroleh saat indah bersamamu
Hanya aku

Dingin rasa kasihmu
Bagai bintang bersemi
Rindu janji bicara
Kekal selamanya
Walau sekadar mimpi
Tak pernah ku peduli
Selamanya kan ku pasti merindui dirimu
Hanya aku

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How To Be A Good Listener

Listening ia as important in conversation as talking. Good listening Involves encouraging other people to say interesting things, understanding the things that they tell you, and being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings that underline the things that they tell you.
Listening must be active as well as passive. It is not enough just to listen: you must show that you are listening. Body, face, eyes and voice - all that should be combine to tell the other person that you are taking in what he or she is saying. Good listening will bring out the best in your partner in conversation.

  • To listen well you need mental concentration, generosity, and self-confidence.
  • To be a better listener, think less about yourself and more about the conversation.
  • Focus on the other person and on what he or she is saying.
  • Respond positively to initiatives other people make in conversation.
  • You may have to be reassuring, at another supportive, at another understanding.
  • Remember: Conversation is almost always indirect. Often, the most important messages of a conversation are left unsaid. Must be ready to deduce them and be alert to what lies behind another persons's word.
  • Use You Eyes As Well As Your Ears.
a) Maintain Eye Contact
Good listener is someone that looks at the speakers. Never make mistake of feigning eye contact by looking at an area near the speaker's eyes. 
Try a trick used by President John Kennedy. When people look and listen they tend to focus on one eye rather than both. Kennedy, however, would look from one eye to eye when he listened, softening the expression in his own eyes at the same time, and so giving the impression that he cared greatly about the speaker's feelings.
Don't overdo your interjections-or the speaker may feel over-whelmed, or mocked.

b) Make the Right Noises
Its are vital for keeping the conversation going. Assure the speaker that you understand what he or she is telling you by making appropriate sounds and exclamations - 'mm', 'yes', 'right'. Show your involvement by summarizing the story so far or repeating something.
To avoid misunderstanding, try to be precise in your vocal encouragements. If, for instance, you do not necessarily agree with everything the speaker is saying, use expressions such as 'possibly','perhaps' 'I'm not so sure'.

c) Use Appropriate Facial Expressions
The expressions that across your face send out signals - so make sure they are encouraging ones.
Listens with relaxed, responsive face and uses nods of the head, warm smiles, even twitches of the eyebrows to give encouragement.

d) Adopt a Relaxed Stillness
Most people appreciate how rude it is to get up and walk away when someone else is talking. Yet many fail to realize how smallest gestures can indicate a similar level of distraction. Good listeners keep relatively still, only shifting position occasionally. If you constantly fiddling or fidgeting you will appear inattentive. You will be equally unnerving as a listener if you sit or stand rigidly to attention, tapping a foot or fingers - giving the impression that you are in hurry to hear the speaker out.

Practice will help you to improve your listening skills. Two simple exercises:
  • Listen to interviews on the radio and television. Pay particular attention to the people being interviewed. What are they saying? What are the thoughts, emotions and feelings behind what they saying? You can do the same exercise when attending lectures and talks.
  • Take a few minutes every day to sit in a quite room. and then close your eyes and do nothing but listen. Listen for specific sounds and identify them. This exercise will help you to forget youself and to turn outwards. 
Book: Khan, J. E., Kerr-Jarrett, A., Chalker, S., Cohan, A., Davies, P., Jones, N., Khan, O., Morris, P., Scott-Macnab, D., Spurling, R., Swords-ISherwood, N. and Sylvester, L. (2001). How To Write & Speak Better. Published by The Reader's Digest Association Limited, London.

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Assalamualaikum..and happy good day..
just want to share my feeling today.. (^_^)... i'm just feel happy and glad becoz my problem already solve.. not only but my frend too..finally.. we can take a subject that has not been taken yet... Alhamdulillah thanks god. We have been done to manage some problem for getting the subject is open for this semester 2013/2014. Hopefully all will be well..
so...anything that happen surely there is a solution. What we need to do is: be patient, do not give up, trying to find the solution, share problem with family or true friends, think what need to do.. the important is be positive. (^_^)
P/s: Smile and Happy
Just Remember...
problem would be solve 
if we have efforts to solve it.
Have a nice day...

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Ibu & Ayah

Dalam Kelung Hati Yang Terdalam
Tersimpan Satu Nama Indah 
Seorang Insan Bernama

Dalam Diri Anak Terdidik
Tersimpan Satu Rahsiah
Kebahagiaan dan Kebijaksanaan
Daripada Seorang Insan
Bernama Ayah
Love U Mom and Dad

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Visiting to the project site by entrepreneur PPK Kinabalu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t for all of u.. today mumtaz want to share some picture that was taken at the time internship that we got chance to visit at the project site. The project site was run by entrepreneur PPK Kinabalu. Thanks to GM and Project Manager of Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Kinabalu because give us as a students(doing industrial training at PPK) opportunity to visit the project site. 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
According to project manager, before this the project site was one of the fertigation project. This was using a fertigation system. What is Fertigation?? Fertigation is a cultivation without soil with fertilizer through an irrigation system. But now on, the fertigation not used for a while because due to some reason. However, for me although the fertigastion system not has using now...the vegetable planting project still look good and look fresh and have good quality. The most important is doing control of insects for the crops. The project site is very wide. Tomatoes, chili, and 'Kacang Pendek' as a example of the plant that had there project site.

Me and Ani 
Kacang Pendek
Wide Area of Project Site
Project Site

chance to take photo in the middle of crops...(^_^)
Area of PPK Project Site
Area of PPK Project Site
Project Manager  of PPK
Ani with the chilli

tomatoes plant was some of photo that me and my friend has taken time visiting at the project site. Thank for the experience that had given for us (me, ani and jahlizah).
p/s:  Have a nice day
       Smile can cure pain and can be pleasant
       but remember just smile if be in place...
        Mumtaz Aini

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Think the right thing

Assalamualaikum for all dear blogger...thanks for visit here. 
has too long.. not open this blog..and update new entry. but sometime i have too visit other blogs for a know what the other bloggers updated in their blog... for me..visiting others blog it makes me feel happy. and sometimes much info that can be obtained..isn't??.. (^_^)
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Already done my internship @ practical at PPK Kinabalu. What i got from there is.. how the job really look like. It was very interesting in my life. I mean my experience in working with real department. Before this me as a students just learn in theories..but time internship in PPK...all that have learned is need to practic. And the staff also very nice to me. thank to GM @General Manager at PPK becoz give a chance or receiving us to doing industrial training at PPK..(^_^) 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
just share...Do something that i think right to me..i think that was the right one. but need also to get some advice from others before acts... and try to avoid doing something that not important@ no benefits..
now on..this my last semester..hopefully..all is well for me. but now i got some problem at the beginning of this sem. not just me.. but my friend too has the same problem. i hoped that the problem can be resolved quickly.. it's desperately need patience..and need to do something the right thing. can't to tell what the problem...(^_^). just think that was a little problem and challenge...and can be resolved if there is a positive negotiation from both party..consideration is needed. 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
...(^_^) other part is feeling happy with my little sister here..she always support and motivates me in time i have a problems. Even far away from  families but it train me and her to learn to be more others. isn't... When she happy, me happy too.. (^_^)..any problem would be discussed together.. for me and my little sister...just be happy... always try to get closer to Allah ... through prayer, pray and believe in god.

p/s: Have a nice day
Thank for coming here

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