Monday, 23 September 2013

Nice day

Assalamualaikum for all dear r u today? Hopefully fine...n happy..have a nice day.. actually today for very nice day... why? Becoz I hve a class today n do not bored...happy can meet friends and lecturer... this is the first time we got or lecture with the lecturer... but it was a best class. Do u want to know? Ofcourse yes...and might be hve not want to'nt it.. oriet... there class only hve four students.. only me and three of my friend.. it was fun we can share any opinion about all that hve relates with the subject it was interesting subject. Lecturer always will ask quest to me n friends.. so anyone can't run from the quest that asked by lecturer...and what the best is... hve a chance to gve any suggestion althought even does'nt know...I means not properly speak in english.. (^_^)... happy day for not in pressure but enjoy n fun...the importnt is got learn something new,.. n practice it in dialy life... all we learn today is about people...they behaviour...need..n want. And always have quest which is why, what, how n when...learn about CB...Oriet that all.. hve a nice day...
♥♥♥Thanks sebab sudi baca entry mumtaz.♥♥♥


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