Thursday, 5 September 2013

Visiting to the project site by entrepreneur PPK Kinabalu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t for all of u.. today mumtaz want to share some picture that was taken at the time internship that we got chance to visit at the project site. The project site was run by entrepreneur PPK Kinabalu. Thanks to GM and Project Manager of Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Kinabalu because give us as a students(doing industrial training at PPK) opportunity to visit the project site. 
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According to project manager, before this the project site was one of the fertigation project. This was using a fertigation system. What is Fertigation?? Fertigation is a cultivation without soil with fertilizer through an irrigation system. But now on, the fertigation not used for a while because due to some reason. However, for me although the fertigastion system not has using now...the vegetable planting project still look good and look fresh and have good quality. The most important is doing control of insects for the crops. The project site is very wide. Tomatoes, chili, and 'Kacang Pendek' as a example of the plant that had there project site.

Me and Ani 
Kacang Pendek
Wide Area of Project Site
Project Site

chance to take photo in the middle of crops...(^_^)
Area of PPK Project Site
Area of PPK Project Site
Project Manager  of PPK
Ani with the chilli

tomatoes plant was some of photo that me and my friend has taken time visiting at the project site. Thank for the experience that had given for us (me, ani and jahlizah).
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