Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Think the right thing

Assalamualaikum for all dear blogger...thanks for visit here. 
has too long.. not open this blog..and update new entry. but sometime i have too visit other blogs for a know what the other bloggers updated in their blog... for me..visiting others blog it makes me feel happy. and sometimes much info that can be obtained..isn't??.. (^_^)
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Already done my internship @ practical at PPK Kinabalu. What i got from there is.. how the job really look like. It was very interesting in my life. I mean my experience in working with real department. Before this me as a students just learn in theories..but time internship in PPK...all that have learned is need to practic. And the staff also very nice to me. thank to GM @General Manager at PPK becoz give a chance or receiving us to doing industrial training at PPK..(^_^) 
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just share...Do something that i think right to me..i think that was the right one. but need also to get some advice from others before acts... and try to avoid doing something that not important@ no benefits..
now on..this my last semester..hopefully..all is well for me. but now i got some problem at the beginning of this sem. not just me.. but my friend too has the same problem. i hoped that the problem can be resolved quickly.. it's desperately need patience..and need to do something the right thing. can't to tell what the problem...(^_^). just think that was a little problem and challenge...and can be resolved if there is a positive negotiation from both party..consideration is needed. 
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...(^_^) other part is feeling happy with my little sister here..she always support and motivates me in time i have a problems. Even far away from  families but it train me and her to learn to be more others. isn't... When she happy, me happy too.. (^_^)..any problem would be discussed together.. for me and my little sister...just be happy... always try to get closer to Allah ... through prayer, pray and believe in god.

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