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Knowledge Centre of UNIMAS

Library Stirs Enthusiasm
                                                        FOR UNIMAS STUDENTS

Each university is definitely there to provide library services and facilities to their students. Similarly, UNIMAS. UNIMAS are not left to provide library services and facilities to students. However, the library provided in UNIMAS is a bit different from other university libraries in Malaysia.

Why is a bit different? At UNIMAS that was called Centre For Academic Information Services (CAIS). CAIS in UNIMAS is unique and forms the building is very attractive.  It is certainly attracted every person who come to UNIMAS. The building of CAIS has an area of about 22,600 square meters and spread over 5 floors. CAIS is a knowledge centre for all students and academics at UNIMAS.

Does it attract students to come there?
Of course it can attract students. Not only attract students but also  people outsider who come in UNIMAS too. Why? That because CAIS is one of the best place you can see at UNIMAS. CAIS is one of wonderful place at UNIMAS. Addition, there are many variety of services and facilities available for students and academics university.

IT also one of the good   facilities that provided at CAIS. IT infrastructure provided by the Centre to function as an integrated Center and is oriented users for acquisition, processing and dissemination of information and knowledge. Web OPAC are one of the facilities available to students and academic centers.  What Web OPAC? Web OPAC is an online public access catalogue and it is a bibliographic database to enable users to access the collection.

The facilities that have in CAIS  are to assist students. Environment that is spacious, quiet and friendly library makes and stirs the students more enthusiasm to study. It is because, the study easy to access of information with Campus-Wide Area Network. It allows users to access the system not only in building but also outside the Centre. This is one effort to meet the improving users of information and challenging.

CAIS have a very conducive environment. Quiet surroundings allow students who come to study and complete assignments can focus on learning. In addition, students can find reading materials needed. For those who want to create a group discussion, students and academics can use discussion rooms. Discussion rooms provided are quite comfortable and spacious. For those who prefer their own and do not wish to have any disruption can use the carrel.

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