Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hope all be well

Assalamualaikum.. hi dear bloggers.. thanks for coming again at here... How u start u day for today??? (^_^) Me... I start with a smile and be greatful for go (Allah) because give me the opportunity to live longer... Alhamdulillah... How u?? do u also do the same thing or anything else... hehe
Em... hopefully all is well for today and nice day and making me happy like always... Oriet...actually today i have another presentation...not presentation  but its just more like talk with lecturer and friends... Not only me need to do that...but all my friends too. 
Every weeks we need do that thing... i mean talk. try to find something topic about the consumer behaviors or anything that relates with that... So, the info that found would be present/talk in the class.. one by one we follows the turns to talk... actually the lecturer will choose who the first one and the last will be talk...hehe sometimes i was the last one...sometime in the middle and... u know.. (^_^) 
All that make me much more or more easy to understand about the that was so much helping me to learn and grow up.. why i said like that?? becoz...before this...i means before this sem... we just do a talk by group but..this sem really different where we should stand with ourself... all need to do by yourself... but i like it... 
There something that i like... we can share a new topic. after talk..lecturer try to make us more understand about the topics or material that we had choose.. So...for was fun that i hve been take.. very fun even though the lecture always try asking us quest...the quest sometimes can be easily understand but sometimes not...hehe 
For ur information...this class very different with the others class. Why?? because there only have seven students in the class..(^_^) haha... not funny... the class was opened for me and my friends... we ask to the prgram coordinator to open this subject.. this subject actually do not open for this sem but... we need to take it so. Thanks a lot to the dean and coordinator because open this subject... so happy and grateful. And to lecturer too becoz willing to teach us.. and u r a good lecturer and respecting u as a lecturer..
Oriet... I will continue soon... hope all be well today and fun... thanks.. Have a nice day friends... don't forget to smiles.....

Be Happy and be grateful@thankful for god...

♥♥♥Thanks sebab sudi baca entry mumtaz.♥♥♥


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