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Assalamualaikum For All Dear Readers...
We Visit Tun Mustapha Galery

Galeri Tun Mustapha
  • launched in 2006. 
  • established to honor an outstanding individual.
  • located in premises that once housed the Sabah State Assembly from 1980-1995, 
  • tells the life story of the late Tun Datu Hj Mustapha Bin Datu Harun. Featuring a combination of impactful graphic panels, audio-visual technology and artifacts, 
  •  unfolds the life of this remarkable man, from his humble beginnings to his illustrious term as the former Chief Minister of Sabah. 
  • The gallery also showcases many of Tun Mustapha personal artifacts, from medals of honour to specially-tailored suits. 
  • A torn golfing hat also sits in the gallery. According to the inscription, his beloved wife tore his hat and tossed it outside their home during a quarrel. The hat was retrieved by their driver who kept the hat all these years and today finds its home at the gallery. 
  • not only a golf enthusiast but a talented musician. His collection of violins can also be seen at the gallery.
  • Another story tells of how the Japanese soldiers spared his life after hearing him play several Japanese tunes on his violin during World War II. 
All these fascinating facts and various memorabilia are immortalized right here at the Tun Mustapha Gallery. 
  • also operates a souvenir shop that specializes in high quality crafts, inspired by the traditional ethnic motifs of Sabah's various tribes. 
  • The Tun Mustapha Gallery is located at the Podium Level of Menara Tun Mustapha (Sabah Foundation Building) .
8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday - except during School Holidays

Tun Mustapha Galery

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