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Kundasang War Memorial

Kundasang War Memorial

When You Come To Kundasang...don't forget to visit Kundasang War Memorial. That was beautiful place to visit.
History for Kundasang War Memorial:
  • Established in 1962
  • first memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II
  • remembers the people of North Borneo who risked their lives to help the POW
Have four beautiful gardens:
  1. English Garden, 
  2. Borneo Garden 
  3. Contemplation Garden 
  4. Pool
There have towering pine trees and blooming roses.
The scent of roses lingers in the air and the serene atmosphere makes the Kundasang War Memorial an ideal place to contemplate and remember the heroes of the war.

How To Getting Kundasang War Memorial??
Kundasang: located 90km, about 2 hrs driving from Kota Kinabalu. Take a bus from the Jalan Padang Bus Terminal to Kundasang or Ranau for approximately RM17.00 per person.
Open daily from 8:30am to 5:30pm

I already visit here and that was beautiful places. Not lose to visit there. And from there also, we can see the Gunung Kinabalu.

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