Thursday, 7 November 2013

Keep Trying, Keep Smiling

Hello...Hai...Anyyeong chingu..
How are u today?? Ok...Happy...Sad...or...what?... But hopefully u all ok..geonganghan (sihat)...happy n can smiles like this.
Keep smiling...(^_^)...
Be happy even u have problems... be patience...hehe just like me.. 
oriet... What i'm doing for this day?..
I and my lovely friend (ANI)...went to CAIS@Library. Study...Online...Do some research for Assignment CB..and also download songs Malay, Korean drama and...blogwalking. haha
 I see too many people@students come CAIS today even during semester breaks...huhu... 
There also many students I see at Detar Putra UNIMAS.. actually they come to detar for taking their convocation robe@Jubah Konvo... Congratulations for all of u that graduates this year. I and my year Insyaallah... I will do my best..(^_^) 
Advice to myself: Enjoy ur study. Study Smart. Happy with friends..and sometime hangout with friends..have enough of rest. it can help to avoid or reduce stress/pressure. And also improve myself..(^_^)
Wow...what i'm thinking now?...I think to continue my study after finished my degree. And my father have ask me to continue my for a another degree (such as ART and Grafic it)or continue to get Master just like my cousin do.. Insyallah...
don't give up if u fail...but make it as passion to be more strive..until success

Keep Trying: easy to say but not easy in praticing it.
Focus ----> Study ---->Effort ----> Add Knowledge@learn something new ---->improve urself; confident
Be a good friends ---->respect others ----> forgiveness---->be positive avoid negative thinking ---->keep smiling happy

Think Positive:
Can make u feel Happy n have good confident levels..

Do u understand what i'm talking about... hope u all can understand it... just simple entry but have good means n benefit..not just for me but for u all too.. isn't it?...

you happy...i'm happy (^_^)
thanks my dear readers... 
Keep smiling ---->smile is charity. 
Whatever the challenge, Don't forget to smile even just for urself.
Smile will not hurt you...but it will hurt those who have hurt you.
Smile will make others feel calm and loves to make friends with you.
P/s: Have a nice days friends.
Be Happy... from SpecialFlower_90

♥♥♥Thanks sebab sudi baca entry mumtaz.♥♥♥


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