Saturday, 19 September 2015

Maya & Adam Birthdays

Assalamualaikum.. Hi dear blogger... thanks for visiting to my blog. 
today i would like to share some birthday picture.. hehe

May 12, 2015 is Adam birthday (5 years old).
Adam wanted to celebrate his birthday at school and 
shared the cake with other friends in school.
birthday boy- Adam
Adam looks happy and the others too... 
Rasmi kek dulu yer... smile
antara mereka... adik-adik comel.

They say "Thank you" to adam because giving them cake and got some food. 
Maya too... she also want celebrate her birthday at school on May 20, 2015.
birthday girl- adik Sumayyah

Happy birthday for both of you Maya and Adam.. Jangan nakal-nakal lagi k.. hehe
dengar cakap ur parents.. Jadi anak yang baik ye..
Be happy...
Orient.. That all. Have a nice day. Thanks for visit here.

♥♥♥Thanks sebab sudi baca entry mumtaz.♥♥♥


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