Saturday, 14 March 2015

Be More Positive

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
Hello.. hi..for all of u.. 
Here i want to write about this.. Be More Positive.. Yup.. not only me should to be more positive actually, right?.. Be positive is very needed for all people.. If we have any problem, the first thing that we need to do are think positively no matter its a small or big problem. Any problem surely has a solution.. that i think. What about u? 

Why i'm saying about this? it is because, I just want to write about this and want to share with blogger readers. I like to be more positive right now... i always remind myself about that. Actually, its not easy to see the positive in every aspect of our life. In our life, not only for me.. its filled by many challenges. The challenge make us difficult to be more positive sometimes. it is right?? What do u think?.

So, what i need do is i'm always try to train myself to be more positive, even its not easy to me. I think, some people can do it easily and some can't. I'd also take some steps too. That can help me more easier to see the good in my life and choosing to be positive also help me to be myself and also i can become as person that i want to be. What the steps that i had take?.

Firstly is.. avoid negative think or any negative influence. I'm always try to rid or stay away myself from negative influences. Person whose have bad behavior or attitude can influence us. Beside that, i also try to remove negative influences from me. I'm not a perfect person...I also had my own negative behaviors. So i need to rid it. How i'm doing is i try to find which behavior that good for me and which not.  And try to say 'no' for something that u don't want to do. 

However, another step is try to replace negative thinking to positive ones. It means, i will try to look on the side of every situation. Some situation have something benefit for us.We can say i can do for doing something if that can give benefit for me. But try not to say i can't. It is because while we don't get what we want, but we can learn it as our experiences even it does good or bad experience. Learning experience make me or you to be strong and keep trying to be more positive. 

Other steps is identify your problem. For me, i will try to understand what actually my problem is. Its can help me to change the way i think and make me easy to be more positive. Once we know the problem, try to handle it with properly. All person have different way to handle or solve problem. Some people solve their problem by themselves. Some of them maybe share their problem with family or friends to solve it.  Others can help us to solve our problem with giving us suggestion or advice. With that, it makes us to think more positive that problem could be handle. So, we can avoid to became pressure. 

Therefore, believe in yourself, don't give up and just move on. If something that unexpected happens, try to accept it. All what happens may have reason and remember it is the most important lesson. Try to think positive and ignore the negative elements. Lastly, SMILE. If we smile, people can fill the positive aura from us and they also will feel positive.

Thanks for reading..
Be happy...
Always be positive...
Nice to others...
Thanks and grateful to Allah..

♥♥♥Thanks sebab sudi baca entry mumtaz.♥♥♥


Mialia Amelia said...

thanks for the tips and advice :D

Mumtaz said...

your welcome Mialia Amelia.. thanks for coming here..

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